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New York and New Jersey Customers Know to Look to Custom Blind Drapes

Our customers in New York, New Jersey, and NYC in particular have come to expect a certain level of service from us. It’s why we are so well-known, and why our customers keep coming back to us year after year and generation and generation. They know that we can give them what they need, and that’s not just limited to custom drape jobs. In fact, we can help out with all manner of doors and windows too. Many of our customers come to us expecting to just need advice and service on custom drapes, but wind up deciding that the replacement of a window might be something they’re also interested in. We can accommodate requests like this, and our customer service professionals know whether a double pane or a casement window is the best fit for your home or business, or if a bay window might even do the trick to give your house that architectural pop it’s been craving. Give our customer service team a call at 646-971-1720, and let them explain to you why our famously loyal customers keep coming back to Custom Blind Drapes year after year for top-notch service and advice.

Our customer service team is well-known throughout this injury, and that is for good reason. They are well-trained and experienced in all manner of home improvement scenarios, and we never stop ensuring that they are receiving state of the art training on all developments in technique, materials, and compliance. They are also the best in the business at our namesake: custom drapes. The design and creation of custom drapes is extremely skilled work, and we know we need to do the best for our discerning NY and NJ customers. Our craftsmen will create pieces that are exactly and carefully matched to your particular aesthetic, design preferences, light preferences, and color palette. They can advise you on all these matters before creating the custom piece itself, and then finishing the job with an expert installation job. Working with Custom Blind Drapes is really a no-brainer, and we’d love the chance to explain why we should be your next top choice. Give us a call anytime - our customer service teams look forward to speaking with you.

Something that many New York and New Jersey customers might not realize about our offerings at Custom Blind Drapes is that windows and blinds aren’t all that we do. We can also work with home improvement items like the aforementioned windows, and doors as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to replace lightweight bedroom doors, or hoping to add an extra level of security to your home via a more reinforced steel exterior door - we can do it all. We can even do patio doors, which we have done for a number of our NYC customers, giving them clear, bright views of the Manhattan skyline that they had never thought possible. We would love the chance to win your business just like we’ve been doing for years now, so give us a call at any time and let us tell you how we can help your next home improvement project succeed.

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